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  • What is a golf simulator?
    A golf simulator is a system that allows golf to be played on a virtually or digitally simulated golf course. Typically, a life-like digital rendering of a golf course is projected onto a screen and a ball (yes real golf ball) is hit onto the screen. The physics of the moving ball is captured by sensors (light based, photometric or radar) and converted to a digital flight of a ball and is projected onto the screen.
  • Are virtual golf, simulated golf, indoor golf, home golf simulator the same thing?"
    Yes, golf simulators are also known as virtual golf (virtual game golf) or simulated golf. Indoor golf is the broad term used for all golf related activities that can be carried out indoors. This may include golf simulators, indoor putting green, indoor driving ranges etc.
  • What kind of golf clubs and balls are used?
    Golf simulators use real golf clubs and golf balls.
  • Where are golf simulators used?
    Golf simulators can be used anywhere. For example homes, hotels, clubhouses, offices, pubs/restaurants, resorts (hospitality industry), events, etc.
  • What is the space needed for a golf simulator?
    Typically, you will need about 15ft wide x 20ft long with the ceiling at about 10 feet. This gives a good amount of space in all directions.
  • Do I get to use my own clubs and golf balls?
    Yes you can use your own clubs and balls. If it is a commercial location, please check with the operator. If you use your own clubs, ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned, if you use your own golf balls, ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and do not have any rough edges, nicks, cuts etc. We do recommend that you use new golf balls.
  • How long does a round take?
    Typically a round of 18 holes should take approximately 60-90 minutes. If a group of 4 play, you can expect it to take about 3 hours.
  • Is the home golf simulator different from a commercial simulator?
    It all depends upon your budget. From an overall functionality, they are all the same, the price will depend upon the technology used, accuracy and data required, brand, the cost of building out the interior, type and cost of the screen, PC, projector etc.
  • Is a golf launch monitor different from a simulator?
    Yes and No. A golf launch monitor is a device that is able to provide data on the flight of a ball like distance, swing speed, ball speed smash factor etc. The quality and number of data points available vary significantly based on the price point. Some launch monitors are able to work with golf simulation software to provide a complete golf simulator solution. A launch monitor on its own does not allow you to play a virtual round on a golf course. For that you need the golf simulation software.
  • What are some examples of launch monitors that work with golf simulation software to provide a golf simulation experience?
    All the high end models of golf launch monitors from brands like Flightscope, Foresight, Trackman are compatible with some simulation software. Expect to spend upwards of USD$10,000 on these launch monitors. At the lower end of the spectrum are brands like Skytrak, Mevo+, Ernest Sports. Expect to spend about USD $2,000-$3,000 on these. Additionally you will have to pay for the golf simulation software.
  • Can you play some of the iconic golf courses on a simulator?
    Yes most of the iconic golf courses are available on the golf simulator.
  • Are there any Indian golf courses available?
    Indian golf courses are not yet available. However, they can be designed and added to the database using the TGC software.
  • Can you buy a golf simulator online?
    Yes components for a golf simulator are available online. You can buy different pieces and put them together for a basic set up. If you want a really nice setup, it is recommended to engage a professional entity that is experienced in building and setting up these systems.
  • Does TeeTime Ventures take up design and build of golf simulators?
    Yes, TeeTime Ventures takes up custom design and build of golf simulators.
  • Are there a lot of golf simulators in India?
    Yes, it is getting popular. TeeTime Ventures has installed golf simulators in clubhouses, corporate offices and private residences which has now become a new area of growth.
  • How can I contact TeeTime Ventures?
    You can reach us via our website Contact Page or call +91 76763 44380 or email
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