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Recreational Facility

TeeTime Ventures offers private, professional and commercial users, turnkey indoor sports/gaming solutions that can be setup at a location(s) of your choice (indoor/outdoor).  Our solutions are popular for teaching, practice and leisure.

Each installation is unique.  We source equipment based on client requirements.  Our customers for sporting/gaming solutions include architects, builders and tech campuses.  For more details, please contact us.

TeeTime Ventures is committed to making your dream of indoor sports/gaming into a reality.  We are happy to consider any size project – private residence, commercial, professional, private.  Give us a call today!

Vajram Tiara Cricket Cage.jpg

Vajram Tiara

Cricket Cage

Vajram Esteva GYM.jpg

Vajram Esteva

Clubhouse GYM

Vajram Tiara Volleyball.jpg

Vajram Tiara


Vajram Esteva Playground.jpg

Vajram Esteva

Playground - EPDM Flooring

Vajram Esteva Table Tennis &

Vajram Esteva

Table Tennis & Foosball

Vajram Tiara Playground.jpg

Vajram Tiara

Playground EPDM Flooring &

Basketball Area

Manyata Tech Park Outdoor Fitness Area.jpg

Manyata Tech Park Outdoor Fitness Area EPDM Flooring

FlipKart Terrace Sports Area.jpg


Bengaluru Headquarters

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