Recreational Facility

TeeTime Ventures offers private, professional and commercial users, turnkey indoor sports/gaming solutions that can be setup at a location(s) of your choice (indoor/outdoor).  Our solutions are popular for teaching, practice and leisure.

Each installation is unique.  We source equipment based on client requirements.  Our customers for sporting/gaming solutions include architects, builders and tech campuses.  For more details, please contact us.

TeeTime Ventures is committed to making your dream of indoor sports/gaming into a reality.  We are happy to consider any size project – private residence, commercial, professional, private.  Give us a call today!

Vajram Esteva Cricket Cage.jpg

Vajram Esteva

Cricket Cage

Vajram Esteva GYM.jpg

Vajram Esteva

Clubhouse GYM

Vajram Esteva Volleyball.jpg

Vajram Esteva


Vajram Esteva Playground.jpg

Vajram Esteva


Vajram Tiara Playground Rec Area.jpg

Vajram Tiara

Playground & Recreational Area

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