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Dhoni - A Rockstar Leader!

Dhoni - Rockstar Leader

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I have been a keen cricket follower for most of my life. I have also been following Dhoni's leadership style and am a huge fan. Here are five reasons why I think he is a Rockstar!

1. Boquets to the team and brickbats to the captain - When the team wins, Dhoni is in the background - he is never the guy in the middle of the group photo holding the trophy. When the team loses, Dhoni is the first to analyze and admit mistakes committed during the game

2. Captain Cool - His physical demeanor and ability to appear calm even during tough situations brings a sense of calmness to the team and can also be unnerving to the opposition

3. Never afraid to get into the firing line - Reminds me of General Patton who was known to lead from the front. When there is a top order collapse or when the situation demands, Dhoni is not afraid to promote himself up the batting order

4. Have confidence in the ability of your players - Pandya bowling the last over against Bangladesh in WC2016 or Joginder Sharma bowling the last over in WC2007 against Pakistan.

5. Backing his own ability to pull off what he wants - It is not uncommon to see Dhoni refuse singles especially with the lower order batsmen and go for the big ones. This confidence has seen him pull off what he wants more often than not

Keep up the good work MSD!

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