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Image Credits: BCCI Media

For most RCB fans, the first 10 overs of the RCB innings in the IPL 2016 qualifier game between RCB and GL in Bangalore was disappointing - to see their team at 68 for 6. One could see the local fans praying that "now local boy" AB DeVillers (ABD) could pull them through. With ABD still around, every RCB fan would have liked to believe that their team was still in the race to hunt down 159.

ABD did not let the team down and what an innings! During the post match analysis, Sunil Gavaskar coined the phrase ABCDE (AB Can Do Everything) referring to ABD's batting ability and his propensity to hit unbelievable shots.

Given that this is a team game, and every team/situation has a leader, what can be learnt here?

Again, ABCDE (AB Can do Everything - with a little help).

1. Team members working hand-in-hand towards a common goal is key - ABD needed someone to hold the other end up and not lose wickets while he goes about his personal ABCDE

2. Learn from other people's experience - Iqbal Abdullah batting for the first time in the tournament did an amazing job by not throwing his wicket away, playing within his limitations, rotating the strike intelligently and following AB's leads

3. Give the junior member of the team some space and let them do their job - AB being the senior partner and the leader in the situation, did not shield Abdullah but worked with him and guided him and gave him the confidence to do his job

4. As a leader, take charge of the situation - ABD took it upon himself to play sensibly and see the team through

5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate - One of the most important aspects usually overlooked is the ability of senior leaders/stars in a team to bond and communicate with junior members of the team. This was executed to perfection by ABD and Abdullah.

Well done AB and Iqbal Abdullah!

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