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Life Lessons From Ind/Aus WT20 2016 Match

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As India played in front of their home crowd, having to live up to expectations of a billion fans, playing against Australia, it was a do or die game for both the teams. The winner advances to the semi-final and the loser goes home.

Yes it is just a sport but when keenly observed, one can draw parallels to daily life and there are always some lessons to be learnt.

1. Have a clear thought of what you need to achieve and what your next step is - Kohli and Dhoni focused on getting the scorecard ticking by not giving Australia dot balls. In tough times, focus on the "next step".

2. "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war" - Hard run singles, and converting ones into twos got the momentum going for team India and put pressure even on great fielders like Warner - Kohli and Dhoni have worked hard and trained specially for this and it is not a mere accident that they are probably the best running pair in world cricket today.

3. Deal with the current situation the best you can - Kohli managed to string a good partnership with injured Yuvi and did not lose his cool and play a rash shot.

4. Have someone with you, who can be an emotional anchor during trying times - Dhoni played this part to perfection and did not allow Kohli to get carried away.

5. Back your abilities and "go for it".

Looking forward to more #cricketteamindiadoesgood #Virat #WT20

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